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Herbal Termite Control Delhi Noida
Herbal Termite treatment is considered as most safe for homes and offices as it has zero environment impact.

As the masses are becoming more and more conscious about environment and health , the demand for our  Herbal Termite Control services is picking up. These days we are getting fair number of call in our Delhi and Noida office about these sevices, whereby Homeowners ask one common question “How Effective is Herbal Pest Control treatment ?”

Homeowners have a concern while hiring us for herbal termite treatment for their property in Delhi and Noida. They also want to know what herbal product we use for  termite control  and how effective it is.

While other Herbal termite control companies try to hide the name of  herbal product by labelling it is “Trade Secret” , we believe that our customer has every right to know the name of herbal termiticide that is going to be used on their property as the health of their loved ones is involved. In this write up we educate our clients about Herbal Termiticide product, it’s efficacy and way of application.

It is a well known fact that sub terranean termites are extremely destructive pest. They cause immense damage to the wooden structures, be it wooden window/door frames, wooden cupboards, kitchen cabinets , wall panelling or wooden flooring. Termites penetrate any wood that is in contact with the soil, floor or walls. Once it has established it’s grip it hollow out  wood structure from inside with no outward signs of damage. Only a termite control expert or a keen eye can find out if your property is invaded by termites.

Not only Sub terranean termites but other wood boring insects like dry wood termites, wood borers, , powder post beetles, and carpenter ants  etc. are also common wood damaging insects. The precious wood of your home if left untreated may become completely riddled away by these voracious insects. Though a number of termite control products are available in indian market that are used extensively for anti termite treatment jobs, but they all require special safety measures to avoid poisoning people and pets and the chemicals are synthetic and are harmful to the living environment.We as a Govt. certified Termite Treatment company in Delhi and Noida adopt better ways to deal with termites and use very safe and herbal Termite control products . One of those extensively used herbal product is Cedar Oil. The varierty of  Cedar oil we use is quite superior as this oil is obtained from the steam distillation of Red Cedar wood.

Cedar action on termites

Cedar works in different ways:

1.     It osmotically dehydrates termite body and it gets killed. It is deprived of body fluids.

2.     It encapsulates and emulsifies the body fat of termites and they die.

3.     It is also a respiratory poison as it prevents breathing by irritating the respiratory system and eventually insect stops breathing.

4.     Pheromonal interference. Termite is an insect which survives by secreting pheromones .It interfere with this capability of termites and affects their movement, feeding and reproduction.

5.     It dissolves egg, larvae and pupae ,eroding their exoskeleton and cuticle and thus causing premature death.

We use Cedar oil  by method of spraying ,brushing and fumigating the wood . When termite is exposed to the aroma of cedar oil it irritates their breathing system and triggers a suicide response—the spiracles (breathing pores in lower abdomen) close and can not re-open. The insect thus can not breathe and eventually dies. We very cautiously apply this oil to the wood surface with special attention to cuts and cracks in wood. Cedar oil is broad spectrum termiticides as such it can be used safely against all the life stages of termites. Our Herbal termite control services using Cedar oil is widely used in entire Delhi NCR region including Noida and Greater Noida. Our’s is one of the few companies in India which make use of Cedar oil extensively, though it is costly.Our Herbal termite treatment services have zero impact on environment and as such are considered as non toxic Safe Termite control method. These services can be safely used in the homes who have small children or elderly people.

Call us at 9810087539 or login at www.cpcindia.in to know more or book herbal termite control services any where in Delhi and Noida. Our services are 100% herbal and come with assured product warranty. We do not make use of harsh chemicals in any of our Pest control services. We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at http://www.cpcindia.in/blog/coronavirus-disinfection/ for more details.


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