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Should termite treatment be done before painting ?
New paint enhances and gives fresh look to the interior of  you home . It also increase the life of walls, furniture and fixture as painting and polishing protects against  damage done by dampness, mold and fungi. But the problem starts when you get the interior of your house painted before any termite inspection or proper Pest Control For Termites .
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Can termites move from one house to another ?
Can termites travel from a treated house to non treated house or Do termites move from one house to another in a neighbour hood. Can Termite Control be done effectively This remains the concern when home owners in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida come across a situation when they discover their next door neighbour had a termite issue. Their first reaction is
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Does home insurance cover termite damages
Owning  a house in india  is perhaps the precious and most important investment we make these days . If such possession is in high end markets of Delhi and Gurgaon  it is a matter of pride. whether it is a cash purchase or a financed one, protecting your investment  is a must. Many home owners in Delhi and Gurgaon buy an insurance
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