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What is permanent solution to eliminate termites ?
We get frequent calls from customers in Delhi and Gurgaon who enquire if there is a permanent solution to eliminate termites OR can they get rid of termites permanently ? . The straight answer to this question is NO. It is not possible to eliminate termites permanently. Let us go into the details and find out how to optimise a long lasting termite control.
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Do Termites attack walls and what is the treatment
Most Homeowners get baffled when they notice visible Termite infestation on their walls. That is just contrary to their belief that termites attack only wood. Now irrespective of what is visible, the question is do termites attack walls ? If Yes, then how to control termite on walls .   Termites have special enzymes and protozoa/bacteria in their digestive system  that allow
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High Rise Buildings and Termites
A very common question asked by our clients in Gurgaon is that , can termite attack their appartment in High rise condos.   The fact is that though the termites nest in the soil, but they are known to infest even high rise buildings having more than 20 storeys, moving all the way from ground soil  to the upper most floors. Though Termites
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