Can termites move from one house to another ?

Can termites travel from a treated house to non treated house or Do termites move from one house to another in a neighbour hood. Can Termite Control be done effectively This remains the concern when home owners in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida come across a situation when they discover their next door neighbour had a termite issue. Their first reaction is to immediately take decision to get their house also anti termite treatment done.

There are over 230 different species of Sub terrainean termites in India that cause problems to properties: i.e

  • Coptotermes heimi 
  • Coptotermes gestroi
  • Heterotermes indicola
  • Schedorhinotermes spp.
  • Ondototermes spp.
  • Psammotermes rajathanicus
  • Macrotermes gilvus
  • Microcerotermes spp.
  • Nasutitermes sp.

The dimensions of a Termite colony can be vary from place to place. Larger colonies can have millions of  members, infesting areas up to half an acre. Whereas newly developed and smaller colonies may contain less than 15,000 individuals, with an infestation “footprint” no bigger than a living room. In some cases fewer but larger colonies may be present, whereas in there may be  smaller and more numerous colonies scattered over a large area. In residential areas, the colony or colonies responsible for damage may actually be located under the  neighbour’s house, rather than beneath the house that is being infested.


Nowadays, In Delhi , Noida and Gurgaon houses  are being built closer and closer adjoining each other, particularly in new-construction areas. If you discover that your neighbours had a termite problem , it is natural for you to be concerned , but it should not be a reason to panic.


Here are some preventive measures that you should consider if you hear that your neighbours has a termite issue. No one likes ones house to be visited by these destructive pests. If you are better informed about the behaviour of termites and their tendencies, you will be in a position to understand the chances of your house getting termite infested and can easily reduce the risk.

Termites are soil nesting pests and when they move through the soil in search of food  they don’t follow any definite directional pattern, Nor do they can tell difference between a new construction and an old one.That is the reason that some times very new constructions discover termite envasion and sometime houses in delhi and gurgaon ,which are as old as 40 years had never intercepted termites .Therefore  your house not necessarily have to be treated for termites just because the house next door has been infested by those sub-terranean termites.


However, It is strongly recommended that if this termite situation happens in your neighborhood, you should  get your home thoroughly inspected. as all  the houses in your neighborhood are at risk of picking termite infestation . Moreover termites  travel upto 70 metres  in all directions in search of cellulose base food. If the age of the house is the same, type of construction and material used is the same and moisture level of the soil is the same, then it becomes utmost essential that you get your house inspected against termites invasion.


Your house is not a fortress , and your for walls can not protect it from the most envasive pest on earth.  Do it right away,  even if you don’t see any signs of  termite infestation. It is like buying peace and  you have no worries. In the meantime, take measures and ensure that you don’t give termites an open invitation to  the inside of  your house. When a new house is constructed there is always some extra wood (that could not be used in making wooden doors, windows and cupboards) which remain unused. In northen part of India homeowners have a tendency to store that extra and left over wood in the overhead lofts. This stored wood which remains unattended attract termites and prove to be a hazard. Therefore If you have any form of timber stored inside or around your house , move it away from the building. Fix any leaky taps or dampness source that may attract termites. Property owners in India can help reduce the risk of termites invasion through proper house upkeep, exterior home maintenance and dampness control.

Another pathway of termites traveling from one place to another is through flying. During first rains in summer season the reproductives ( a class of sub terranean termites) gather wings and emerge from it’s underneath full grown colony and fly. They search for new mate partners so as to form new colonies . This flight is scientifically known as “nupital flight”. After they have successfully mated, the termites  shed their wings and start the process of creating a new colony.


If there is a new construction going on in your vicinity your chances of getting a termite infestation goes up because each acre of land may have upto 8-10 active termite colonies. If any such termite colony in the soil  is disturbed, it’s chances of spreading increases. That is the reason why homeowners in Delhi Gurgaon and Noida complain that they have observed termite infestation in their house only when a new construction in their neighbourhood started. Whereas prior to that they never experienced termite menace for years together.


There are about Twenty four known species of termites in North India and Formosan termites, one such species of subterranean termite found in northen region of India, including Delhi , Noida and Gurgaon . Formosan Termites  can easily cross infest  and transport from one place to another if they are carried along the wood they are living in. Any wood , brought from an old house and infested by Formosan termites, may contain a queen termite which is capable enough to continue a new colony elsewhere.

Therefore being a Anti termite professionals in Delhi NCR we recommend call a Termite Inspection expert even if you don’t think your home’s at risk. If the termite infestation is detected close to your property , the chances are they will eventually infest your house as well because there’s likely something in the general area they find appealing. It could be soild moisture content, dampness level of vicinity, termite prone soil  or any other factor. A professional termite inspector is trained and well equipped to detect even smallest  of termite tell tale symptom and will advice you the course of action to be taken.


If you need any such Inspection and Safe termite control services in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon , Call our expert at 9810087539 or simply login and fill up query form at We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at for more details.

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