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ISPM-15 STANDARD (New International Regulation)

Fumigation practises worldwide are rapidly changing with new stricter controls and tougher global regulatory inspections. Since March 2006 a new Regulation has been applied to all the Wood packaging material from third world countries. The new requirements apply to all wood packaging material imported into the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, China, etc. They are a part of the so-called phyto sanitary measures. These contain stipulations for the import of plant products into a country which are goverened by Plant Quarantine Regulatory body.


The Plant Quarantine Department is considered to be the First Line of Defence in keeping the exotic pests out of the Country.
The changes in the European Union Measures are just the beginning of regulatory changes that will affect every shipper which export products on wooden pallets.


Capital Pest Control (India) has become a pioneer by addressing these types of issues early in their developmental stages to insure that their customers receive a seamless solution.
One of the main requirement is of heat treatment of wood packaging material (WPM) to control the exotic pest in international trade. Alternatively, it may be fumigated with Methyl Bromide (Methyl Bromide Fumigation MB). Moreover, the treated wood must bear a mark with the unique code assigned to treatment provider from the Regulating Authority of Exporting Country (called IPPO).


Compliance with IPPC for wood packaging materials allows for two options:


Methyl Bromide (MB) fumigation: The wood packaging material should be fumigated with methyl bromide at 48gms./cu.m at 21 degrees Celsius for 24 hrs.
Heat Treatment (HT): Wood packaging material should be heat treated (inside Kiln). It requires minimum wood core temperature of 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes (Heat treatment HT)

1BHKRS. 5,000/-
2BHKRS. 6000/-
3BHKRs. 6800/-
4BHKRs. 7750/-
5BHKRs. 8600/-

ISPM-15 STANDARD (New International Regulation)

Fumigants are applied where Regulations call for “Zero Insect Tolerance” in goods or Premises or “Zero Discharge” strict production norms.
A successful fumigation process includes calculating, dispensing and monitoring the right amount of fumigant inside a sufficiently Gas tight enclosure therefore a fumigation treatment requires high degree of expertise.


As carrying out a fumigation treatment involves lot of know-how, technical aspects and lethal gases, therefore it should be got done through a trained and authorized agency only which are regulated by the concerned Government authorities.


Another important component of any fumigation operation is the dosages. Dosage of a fumigant is nothing but the pre-calculated amount of Gas introduced inside the known volume of an enclosure. Incorrect Dosages of Fumigants can lead to Product injury and pest survival.

Dosages are calculated keeping in view the safety of the cargo and safety of the operator who is performing the fumigation operations. Gas tightness of the enclosure is the another factor which plays a vital role in the entire fumigation process. The more gas tight an enclosure is, the more promising results it gives.

We offer following Commercial Fumigation Services to entire Delhi NCR region such as Gurgaon, Noida, Gaziabad, Sonepat, Bahadurgarh etc.:

Truck trailers
Pallets and boxes (tarp & seal)
Boxcars and Lift Vans
Shipping containers
SILOS, Food processing Plant and Machinery
Empty/Stuffed Godowns and Ware-houses

Cost of Fumigation

The cost of fumigation depends upon mainly upon the type of commodity/premise being fumigated and gas being used. However rates are quoted on per cubic meter (cbm.) or cubic feet (cft.) basis. In the case of bulk grain/food items the rates are quoted on per MT (Metric Tonne) basis. Therefore, the exact calculation of the cost can be done only after knowing the volume of the goods and other logistics.We also supply Fumigated Pallets.

Validity Period of Fumigation

Fumigation gases only control existing infestations in the cargo and as such do not provide any future protection against re-infestation.Therefore timber treated by fumigation must be immediately container- packed or shipped within 21 days of treatment. Moreover During this critical period of 21 days ,it should be stored cautiously least cross infestation may occur. After successful Completion of Fumigation when commodity is taken for repacking every care must be taken to maintain the repacking area pest free and good hygienic practices should be followed in order to avoid cross infestation between fumigated and unfumigated goods.


The infestation rapidly develops during the voyage period and when the cargo reaches the port of detination it has to be re-fumigated again at the cost of exporter or the buyer. Therefore It is better to carry out fumigation just prior to export to avoid huge fumigation expenditure and handling cost at the port of destination .

Commodity Types

“We are also pioneer in carrying our fumigation treatment of following unique items.”

  • Fumigation of general Handicraft items made of glass beads, metals, woovens etc.
  • Fumigation of wooden handicraft ,potpourri dried flowers and artistic items etc.
  • Fumigation of carpets, rugs, mats, curtains and other upholstery items.
  • Fumigation of packing material like carton and corrugated boxes, straw and hay packings etc.
  • Fumigation of solid wood packing material like pallets, boxes, crates, cases, skids etc.
  • Fumigation of paper products , cardboard, and books etc.
  • Fumigation of general house hold goods and furniture etc.
  • Fumigation of exhibition items like displays etc.
  • Fumigation of wall paintings , Fabric, old statues and antiques items.
  • Fumigation of wooden musical instruments.
  • Fumigation of human hair, feathers etc.
  • Fumigation of pulses, spices, seeds and other raw food items.
  • Fumigation of living plants , bulbs and cut flowers etc.sports goods.

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