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Which the best season for Cockroach control ?
Which is the best season of the year to start cockroach control? Cockroaches are among the most common pests in many residential and commercial buildings. They are nocturnal in nature and at night they search for food in kitchens, food storage places, trash bins, drains and sewers. They are dirtiest pests because of their filthy
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Why it is essential to get your new house Pest controlled before moving ?
Tips To Make It Pest-Proof Before Shifting To The New Home   Termites, bugs, cockroaches, and other creepiest insects crawl into almost every home. And when you are moving to another home, chances are there is a good amount of pests and rodents that can move with your articles to the new premise. There is
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How often should pest control be done ?
How often should pest control be done?   Pests have been a subject of concern for Homeowners and businesses in India. One pest interception at home is enough to give you sleepless nights. With it comes a long queue of questions like “how pest invasion occurred”, “how these pests managed to invade your house”, How
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How a Chemical Pest Control different from Herbal Pest Control
Chemical pesticides are synthetic compounds that are manufactured to kill or control pestsA wide variety of chemicals are used to control pests. These chemicals are known as pesticides . Pesticides often do their job efficitively, but the problem is that they are specially designed to kill living organisms and therefore they may also cause serious
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How to prepare for Pest Control Treatment
“Two friends in Pune killed by poisoning during pest control” in Nov. 2015. Another news of july 2012  says “two siblings die in Versova flat after pest control”.   “A couple and their daughter found dead in their house in Narayan Peth” in March 2015. Police said smoke emanating from rat poison killed the family. In 2011
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Pest Control Services Gurgaon
Based in Gurgaon and covering the entire gurgaon, manesar and bhiwadi , CPC(I) provides professional pest control services to a wide range of commercial clients and domestic customers. Run by Mr. T.S Kumar, the local CPC(I) branch has become well established as the pest control experts in Gurgaon. We take a responsive and IPM approach to all situations, but especially to
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