How termites access and attack Wooden Cabinets

Every year termites attack thousands of homes in Delhi NCR region including Gurgaon . The property owners spend million of Rupees annually on Termite Treatments and repairing the damages that they cause.

Once termites have entered a house, they most often  attack cabinets because they can remain undetected there  for a longer period of time. They not only cause severe damage to the wooden cupboards but also  to the contents lying inside.


There are different routes through which termites can gain entry and attack built in wardrobes. In the kitchen or bedrooms where the wooden cabinets are erected on masonary or RCC slabs termites seek  direct entry from wall floor junction to wooden cabinets


Termites travel through the concrete slab by following the sanitary pipes in shaft areas. The wooden cupboards and wardrobes fixed in bedrooms and living rooms are equally vulnerable to termite attack. Termites just need 1/64th of an inch to squeeze through a crack or creavice  in the foundation and gain entry.

Termites can even have an access from behind the wooden  paneling without being noticed. They tend to  damage paper, books, photo frames, albums, and other items that are kept near these areas. Wooden fixture in Bathroom in the form of mirror frame and wooden cabinets are also common termite targets. The termites gain entry to the bathroom through the sanitary line that passes through the foundation.


Termites can prove to be highly destructive to wooden fixture and   furniture present in a house. Therefore it is recommended that property owners should  have their home inspected regularly by a termite treatment service provider. The termite professionals can identify the signs of termite activity and suggest the remedial measures as they understand termite behavior and habits and can locate the source of infestation. Once the source of infestation and extent of damage is guaged, a wood termite treatment expert can decide upon course of action to contain the termite problem.

There are several options available for termite treatment of wooden cupboards and wardrobes. Whatever is the source of termite infestation in wood one thing is for sure that the entire cupboard need to be emptied out and wardrobe be vacated so that a thorough injections treatment may be carried out from behind the cupboard/cabinet. Sometimes in case of severe infestation , a wood termite treatment expert may ask you to take the decision of removing/discarding either a part or the entire cupboard.


If a termite infestation inside a cupboard is not treated completely, it may become the source of re-infestation and can ruin the other wooden fixtures present in the house. A typical termite treatment to wooden cupboard/cabinet/wardrome/Almirah may include following process:-

  • Removing the stuff from the wooden cupboard.
  • Thoroughly inspecting the source of termite infestation in the form of mud-spots, mud trails, discolouring of wood or the peculiar smell that termites impart to the wood.
  • Undertaking the injection treatment by drilling 6 mm dia holes 300 cms apart.
  • Squriting the oil based termite solution at the prescribed dosages.
  • Repeating this process along all the wall wood and wood floor junctions.
  • Sealing the drilled holes with the prescribed sealant/adhesive.
  • Letting the wood dry and re-inspect it for any further live infestation.
  • Tell the home owner about precautions to be taken after the treatment.

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