Commercial Pest Control


Commercial Measure


Corporate Pest Control

We realize that with todays 24×7 work culture most of the corporate houses find it very difficult to get the pest control and disinfestations treatments done and thus struggle to maintain a healthy and disease free living environment. To counter this, we have introduced latest treatments that do not interfere with your office timings. With our smell free treatment, pest control can be done  available.

Industrial Pest Control

Capital pest control (India) has been promoting Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in buildings for quite some time. The idea of IPM is to monitor and control pests only when they start appearing and eliminating the over application of pesticides in the living environment .We are well versed with IPM techniques, Scope of works , application methods and industry specific record keeping procedures. 

Warehouse Pest Control

To Control other household crawling insect pests like Silver-fish, Spider, Ants, Carpet Beetle, House Cricket, Lizards, store pest, ticks etc. which are human blood suckers and spread diseases like T.B., Typhoid, Dysentry, Malaria and Cholera etc. we have General disinfestations services to offer. 

Warehouse pest control is an integral part of routine maintenance procedure.

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Capital pest control (India) specializes in the full range of pest and vermin control and prevention services to corporate business and facilities management clients. We are known as the Pioneers in pest control industry.

Our client's find these packages as low cost when compared to selecting individual services.

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Types of services

Gel treatment for cockroach. Disinfestations smell free spray treatment for house hold crawling pest.IPM for mosquitoes and flies.Rodent control services for rats /rodents.

Frequency of services

Monthly, Weekly. Fortnightly

Ideal for

Industries Factories, Warehouses pest control & Gardens pest control, Area above 25, 000 sq.ft.)

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