Which is the best termite treatment method

Termites cause  homeowners and businesses in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon millions of rupee every year  in the form of repairs due to the damages.  Of all the common household pests termites are considered as most notorious ones.  Yet there is very limited awareness among masses  about these tiny insects or what action to be taken , in case they discover termite presence  in their property.


We write this blog with an aim to make homeowners aware and better informed about Subterranean termites and it’s infestation. Whenever residents come across a termite infestation , the first question that strike their mind is “Which termite treatment is better.” Or “Which termite treatment is most effective.”

However there is no straight answer to this frequently asked question, because it depends  upon the kind of infestation ,  how old the infestation is, type of property ( which floor, type of house and  type of construction) . Moreover, some times a professional termite pest control company may adopt more than one treatment type while deciding on the best treatment option for your home. The older the termite infestation, greater the number of termites present in your house and thus stronger is the treatment required to eliminate them. The damages caused by an older infestation require expensive repairs for the affected or damaged area.


However if the termite infestation in your house is relatively new or confined to a limited area , then the treatment of just infested area (spot treatment) can be a good option.


Due to time constraint and limited scope ,in this write up we shall discuss Treatment to already constructed buildings (i.e Post- construction Anti termite treatment).

In India there are primarily two treatments which can be applied to already constructed buildings.

Conventional Injection Treatment method


This treatment includes application of termiticide by way of drilling holes between wall floor junction and wall wood junction and wood floor junction. Three is well defined procedure as how to do this. You can access the detailed Anti termite treatment here. After drilling the required no. of holes liquid termiticide is injected into these holes at the prescribed dosage rate. This Injection method also involves digging a trench along the foundation or outer perimeter of the building and it is charged with the termiticide emulsion at the prescribed dosage rate. Then the soil is placed back into this excavated trench. This kind of chemical barrier around the building gives protection of at least three years against subterranean termites. If the building has an existing termite infestation, then any wood which is severely damaged by termites and is beyond repair should be discarded by a trained carpenter, so that patch work can be done later on.

Anti Termite Baiting System:


Anti termite treatment with baiting system is about  installing a  bait station which contains a material which is liked by termites , like a piece of wood in every  unit around the perimeter of the building.  Then it is required to be visited frequently by a termite control operator to check if there are any termites in these bait stations.  


If any termite activity is noticed then this food (wood) is replaced by a specific termiticide. Termites keep on feeding this bait without being killed and are allowed to go back to their termite colony. On reaching their colony termites have a habit of sharing the bait containing food with queen and other member of colony. This way termiticide is picked up and  spread to the queen which eventually dies and the whole colony is eliminated. Though this type of termite colony elimination system works gradually but it gives sure shot results and last much longer as the whole termite colony is eradicated from it’s root.


The aim of a termite baiting type of treatment is not to kill termites in short period of time . It’s aim is to gradually contaminate the whole termite colony with the bait so that the termiticide , some how, is fed to the queen and it is killed. It is an established fact that once termite queen is killed the whole colony perishes.

Though this type of  non-toxic professional termite monitoring bait system is not very popular in northern part of India including  Delhi Gurgaon and Noida , but gradually as this technology is showing encouraging results and demand is picking up . More and more home owners in Delhi Noida and Gurgaon are getting aware of this new technology.


In my next blog I shall discuss Scope of pre -construction anti termite treatment for new constructions as It is best to nip the termite problem and don’t allow it to grip our precious property in the first place . We shall also discuss latest method of Anti termite treatment for houses being newly constructed. The treatment method known as Reticulation treatment OR Piping system is getting popular fast in india , as it offers almost permanent solution for termites

You can fix an appointment with our Termite Control expert @ 9810087539 and get our  extensive termite inspection service free of cost. Having inspected your property , our termite treatment experts shall also discuss the treatment options available to you. You can also login at www.cpcindia.in for these professional Anti termite treatment services anywhere in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon and northern part of India. We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at http://www.cpcindia.in/blog/coronavirus-disinfection/ for more details.

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