Which is professional pest control company ?

Pest control is still not a widely known subject or service in North India including Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida . Few know of its importance and fewer still are aware of the damage caused by different invasive pests including termites and other pests. With the help of continuous, honest and educative advertising and improvement in the standard of service, a day will come when pest control will be accepted as a basic necessity for every home.


 Unfortunately in Delhi , Noida and Gurgaon , today there are very few pest control organizations of professional standard with sound technical background. Indeed, in many cases contract jobs are executed by people who have little or no knowledge of scientific pest control. It is not uncommon that to offer a very low price, these so-called operators either reduce the quantity of chemicals or replace them with cheap substitutes (inferior pesticides and termiticides) . The result of such practice is not difficult to imagine. It reduces public faith in pest control considerably, as a result of which the interests of bona fide pest control organizations suffer a great deal. An inferior product fails to curb pests, necessitates repeat treatments, and may fail to achieve satisfactory results. It is, therefore, essential to discourage, if not stop such malpractices.

These days there is a new trend in Pest control Industry i.e  Franchisee model. In this mode of operation,  some thirty party company is hired and is allowed to control the pest control operations under the bannership of some big MNC. Under this model, it becomes almost impossible to control quality and gauge customer satisfaction index . As with any service industry the best Business for any organization is Repeat Business and it is short shortsightedness on the part of a company to get business 1st time and then leave the customer in lurch. In this era of networked world, the consumer is the king and it is difficult to suppress it’s voice.


However as a domestic and commercial customer in Delhi and NCR region you can rely upon the Pest control company who is the member of Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA). IPCA is the apex pest control operator’s association which has very stringent norms to award membership to any Pest Control organisation. The IPCA has drafted best pest management practices for their members to follow.

If you select a Pest control company which is IPCA approved, means half of your job is done. Always look for an agency which is licenced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India and which is a member of indian pest Control Association(IPCA).


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  1. Sanjay
    February 1, 2018 - 12:12 pm

    Pest Controller are good work because pests are a big problem in almost every third home; it can be the rats, bees, ants, flies, cockroaches, spiders and the most damage causing-termites. They not only cause damage to the property but also lead to health infections.

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