What is permanent solution to eliminate termites ?

termite control treatment
Termite treatment method


We get frequent calls from customers in Delhi and Gurgaon who enquire if there is a permanent solution to eliminate termites OR can they get rid of termites permanently ? . The straight answer to this question is NO. It is not possible to eliminate termites permanently. Let us go into the details and find out how to optimise a long lasting termite control.

Termites cause colossal loss to your property by eating and damaging whatever cellulosic base material they find in a premise. Sub terranean termites live in colonies in soil and pave their way up through different routes like gaps between foundation, expansion joints in the floor, electric conduit pipes and sanitary inlets and outlet points. They can also enter you house by forming visible mud shelter tubes along the foundation walls and plinth protections.

There are different methods and techniques available in India to control and do pest control for termites. They include:-

  •  Conventional method which comprises of injecting the walls floor and wooden fixture available in the house.
  • Baiting the termites with toxic chemicals and thereby eliminating the whole colony present in the soil.
  • In the case of New construction Termite treatment by creating the chemical barrier right from the bottom of trenches (excavation) and then at the stage just before laying the flooring.
  • Laying the permanent porous pipe before the flooring (reticulation method) and future recharge with approved termiticides.

While it is not possible to get rid of  termites (White ants ) permanently and completely  from the  soil  but we can take measures to prevent them from taking grip into your home and denying them access  into your property from nearby colony. I shall discuss those termite prevention tips in my next write up.  All termiticides (termite control products) have specific strength and their own date of expiry. This termite protection property of every termiticide gradually diminishes with time and eventually loses it’s strength completely. Therefore , irrespective of how strong dosages have been applied , the termite protection barrier created in soil finally gets withered with time.

termite damage panel
termite damage panel

Homeowners in Delhi and Gurgaon find it very tempting to try termite treatment themselves, but preventive and curative  termite treatment are best when left to the professional company . Though termites may be active in your home with tell tale signs of an infestation for quite some time , but you will need the help of a certified and experienced  termite treatment company in identifying preventing or treating a deep rooted termite infestation.

Unlike plumbing, carpentry or other housekeeping jobs, Termite treatments involve  most  tedious procedures and it involves handling acute poisons and specialised tools and tackles with years of hands on experience. Moreover a self tried and failed termite treatment may cost you lakh of rupees in the form of termite repairs or serious health issues due to exposure to toxic chemicals.

Depending upon species of termites and severity of infestation a  professional pest control company may decide upon adopting more than one treatment method. Therefore instead of putting your life and property at risk it is best to leave a termite inspection and termite control job onto a professional termite management company.If termite treatment was something you could do it on your own you would have done it by now.

Book a thorough termite inspection for your premise today and get 15% discount on Extensive termite treatment job. Call us at 9810087539 for detailed termite inspection anywhere in Delhi and Gurgaon region. You can also login at www.cpcindia.in. We shall schedule a free termite treatment inspection of your property and shall recommend you the best termite control method which can successfuly be carried out in your property. We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at http://www.cpcindia.in/blog/coronavirus-disinfection/ for more details.




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