Termite Inspection and Termite Control in Gurgaon

Many home owner in Gurgaon would not like to come across a termite problem, but in Gurgaon the Termite Problem complaints have been rampant over the years and many people are desperately looking for solutions. This is because most houses or socities built in Gurgaon were constructed on agricultural lands that had been infested previously by termites. If no proper precaution or extensive Pre construction Anti termite treatments have been applied by the builder at the time of construction , the chances of termites infesting a property increases many fold in Gurgaon.

Termite Inspection and Control Gurgaon
Termites damaging Gurgaon property


Moreover , in Gurgaon the physical connection of houses within a block or colony allows termites infest one property to another property within that block without having need to travel through sub soil level. Thus even Extensive termite treatments as typically applied would never have the opportunity to contact and thereby control underneath termite colonies. To identify the termite infestation is a cumbersome job as termites like damp, warm, and dark areas of a premise.

Secondly Trees serve as gateways for termites to invade a premise. Termites constantly forage for food sources, which include trees. Majority of houses in Gurgaon are attacked by termites. Majority of the trees around the Gurgaon houses are weakened considerably by termite attack so that when a strong wind comes along it can fall over. The danger in having an infested tree around your house is that ground termites can travel through the roots. If the roots go under the foundation of the house it act as a subway that can lead them into the house. Among the termite favorite plant species are Sheesham, Ashoka, Mango , Pine and eucalyptus.

Termite Inspection and Termite Treatment Gurgaon
Termite Control In Gurgaon





Capital Pest Control (India) recommends propert owners in gurgaon to beware of termite menace. If termites are not detected and cured timely they can cause enormous losses. Delhi, Gurgaon and other NCR areas spend billion of rupees in termite damages annually. For residents of Gurgaon we recommend a thorough termite inspection every year by a certified and Professional Termite treatment Company. Termite eradication in Gurgaon is a challanging task but with focussed efforts and professional help, it is possible. Call CPC(India) @ 9810087539 for your Termite Inspection and Termite control needs in Gurgaon. We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at http://www.cpcindia.in/blog/coronavirus-disinfection/ for more details.

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