Should termite treatment be done before painting ?

New paint enhances and gives fresh look to the interior of  you home . It also increase the life of walls, furniture and fixture as painting and polishing protects against  damage done by dampness, mold and fungi. But the problem starts when you get the interior of your house painted before any termite inspection or proper Pest Control For Termites . Most local painters in delhi gurgaon and noida are not professional enough and  don’t tell home owners about the importance of termite inspection and thorough treatment . Their interest remains in hurridly splashing the paint all over and getting paid for their job. If at all any termite infestation is detected, they just purchase one or two litres of termiticide from any nearby hardware shop apply it on just the infested area and then cover it with 2-3 layers of paint.

But what this mistake costs to a home owner ?. It cost a home owner thousands of rupees by removing the termite damaged or rotten  wood and again paying for the same job all over again. It also means hiring painter again to get the job done twice and pay hefty amount in the form of wages. This way a lot of money and time is wasted. When our termite inspection expert go on call to our customers in Delhi, gurgaon and noida, we find that 6 out of 10 homeowners have redone their house without conducting any termite inspection or Pest Control treatment for Termites  done and even before the painter have finished the whole job, the termite infestation is detected.


Therefore Renovation or remodelling of the property is the best time to get the Pest Control For Termites be done . Because it’s easier to dig holes and inject termiticide in the walls and the surface and That’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

Under the ideal conditions, the termite control measures should be taken first and then the remodelling or renovation job should be carried out. To be more precise  it is recommended that if the walls are to be scrubbed or any dismantling of old wooden structure is to be done, then this should be done first and the treatment be carried out . Once the Pest Control for Termite  is done then you can put new wood and start painting or polishing of walls and wood. This is because when the walls and other surfaces which are to be painted/polished are exposed, a better absorption of termiticide solution takes place. Morover there is no fear least marks of termite treatent chemical will be left on the wood and wall surface. Once the walls, wood and ceiling of the rooms is injected and treated by termiticide and if some stains or treatment marks are visible on the surface those would be well taken care of by the painter and these marks or stains won’t appear on the final finished layer of the paint or polish coating.

In Delhi and Ncr area like Gurgaon and Noida it is a common practice to sand the walls first and then apply putty followed by primer before applying the paint on the wall.


The best stage for Pest Control treatment for termites is when when all the walls are thoroughy sanded . This will give better absorption of anti termite chemical by the walls and would enhance the efficiency of termite control treatment. Once the walls are sanded and termite chemical applied , then apply the putty followed by primer  on the walls and finally paint coating .


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