Why it is essential to get your new house Pest controlled before moving ?

Tips To Make It Pest-Proof Before Shifting To The New Home


Termites, bugs, cockroaches, and other creepiest insects crawl into almost every home. And when you are moving to another home, chances are there is a good amount of pests and rodents that can move with your articles to the new premise. There is also every chance that the new house if remain unoccupied for quite some time, maybe harbouring a sizeable pest population. Therefore you should make the home free from those creepy creatures before your shifting. Here are some easy tips that ensure that you are moving to a pest-free house.

  1. Clean The House Properly

Termites, bugs, mice, and almost all pests love dirty and dumpy places. Therefore, most of the time they are found in the dingy basement, shaft areas, lofts or other places of lesser ventilation. When shifting to a new house, make a good start of the pest removal program from this place. To begin with make sure not to pile up the boxes in the basement area. If you find that you need special care to get rid of these weird insects, do not hesitate to hire the professional pest control services provider in Delhi NCR.  The professionals not only know the hidden places of the insects but also well off to undertake a deep pest detection exercise.

  1. Clean The Yard

Mice and other rodents love staying in the wood piles, and inside the yard debris. Making the yard/lawn clean and free from any type of wreckage help discard the pests. For more help, you can call the team of professional pest control in Delhi or other NCR region.

  1. Inspect And Fix The Roof And Attic

Most of the homeowners do not know about the secret vents and gaps in their roof and attic. The very first thing you can do is to hire a team for professional pest control experts in Delhi or in any of the places in the Noida or Gurgaon to get a clean roof. The expert team will help you find out the secret vents in your new attic. They block all vents with thick wire mesh or other pest exclusion material.

  1. Hire The Pest Control to Fumigate The House

Fumigation is important if you buy a second-hand home. You probably do not know about the previous homeowners and their lifestyle. Of course, they clean up the house before leaving, but as the present homeowner, you must hire a team for pest control, especially the termite treatment service provider in Delhi NCR.


Before the expert come, you should gather some information about fumigation. Fumigation is one of the professional pest control procedure by which the area is filled with fumigants or gaseous pesticidesThe process is very much effective to kill the harmful pests around the home area. Make sure you along with the kids and your pets are away from the home when the procedure is going on.

  1. Consult your Neighbourhood

Before shifting to your new house, consulting your neighbourhood could be a good idea. People living in a vicinity since long have fair idea about pest activity around them. Some area have high rodent activity while others may have a history of severe termite infestations. If you are well informed, action can be taken in advance or before shifting. Planned Pest control treatments are less troublesome and yield better results.

Wrapping up:


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