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How Often You Need a Pest Control Program in Your Home?


Pests are the most devastating creatures that most homeowners or business owners have experienced. Believe it or not, termites and bugs are subject of concern. However, it is vital to choose the proper time to get a termite inspection done in your place; else it becomes impossible to find those hidden creeps while they cause colossal loss.


Most of the pest control companies in Delhi NCR region admit that often they are asked how often should pest control be done. Well, pest infestation could take place any time of the season. However, treatment at the right time brings you the best effect. Pests are there in your home or office all over the year. For example in Delhi, Gurgaon Noida homeowners complain of one Pest infestation or the other. Winters is the time for Rat/Rodents infestation, comes spring and the mosquito breeding season picks up. During peak, dry months of summer cockroaches and ants populations start growing up. Rainy season brings with it termites and wood borers problem. Post monsoon again is the ideal time for mosquito breeding which spreads Dengue and Chikungunya. The most important part is to know the active periods of different pests. Let’s see, what the experts say about the best time for Pest control treatment in your place.

How to Decide upon Right Time to Have a Pest Control?


Maintaining the pest control treatment frequency is an utmost need to make the home pest free. It has been observed that some homeowners are there who are too conscious about the pest control program and some are there who are indifferent in having a pest control. They hardly had a pest control program every year.


Therefore, here are the experts who tell you about pest control periodicity. One must call the experts depending upon the surroundings and the position of the home. For instance, if there is any termite infestation at a property which is built on rocky soil, it is okay to have a pest control program once in a year. On the contrary, if your home is situated in a moist area, chances are the home is the most favourite place for the termites. In that case, the experts suggest calling the pest exterminator at least thrice in a year.


In case, you are dealing with rats in your home or restaurant/commercial kitchen, the experts have some good suggestions. Rats are attracted to a dirty kitchen. Therefore, the experts ask you to avoid clutter in the kitchen. Leaving the leftover food on the sink can create a gurgle sink. On the flip side, the rats may cut the sink outlets (if made of plastic) in search of food. Using rat repellants is the most common solution that most home and restaurant owners use for a quick solution. However, it may bring some big trouble sometime. It needs a thorough inspection if you can see too many rats in your property.

What is the Right Time to Have a Pest Control Program?


The experts have cleared out the fact that to get rid of the pest altogether, one must start the projects in the time when the pests are in the inactive position. Colder months are the dormant period of termites and the other pests.  Therefore in India, November to January is the best time to get rid of the pests because once the warmth in weather sets in it become difficult to contain pest menace to the fullest extent. However, it is always advisable to maintain the pest control frequency.


Bottom Line:


Don’t overthink about the pests. Make sure that you are with the right team on the right time to tear down the pest infestation. Call our Pest inspection expert at 9810087539 for an appointment to schedule a thorough inspection of your property. You can also visit us at for more details. We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us for more details.

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