How to treat Fungal infected Walls and Wood

How to identify Fungus infected Walls Wood and other surfaces

The mushroom-like structures that appear on wood and wall surface are signs of Fungal, Mold/ Mildew attacks that can be quite repulsive, and in some cases known to cause serious respiratory disorders. Similarly, your pets may also get infected by the Mold/Fungus and can experience serious breathing complications. This costs you so much unnecessary money for treatment and medications. This kind of Fungal outgrowth is becoming a sporadic feature in urban constructions these days. Though there could be several reasons for its presence and one may have to get details of the interior works of the affected region from the homeowner. It is noticed that one common misadventure during interiors is the completion of structural plaster / POP or cladding on damp/moist surfaces by contractors without allowing it to thoroughly drying up or lack of curing period. It can be identified from the colour range from brown to black with multiple strains. This gets harder with seasoning.  The particles on drying may disperse in air and gives lifetime asthma through a respiratory tracheal infusion.

Firstly it is important to identify sources of water leakage or dampness as fungus are known to thrive upon moisture. If this is the case, even after eliminating the surface fungal outgrowth, if the affected area is not suitably dried up, there may be a chance of reoccurrence. This costs you unnecessary money because you will be required to keep repairing and painting the walls. Once the cause of dampness is fixed and surface dried up, then hire a professional Antifungal treatment company to access and undertake extensive Mold/mildew treatment for Walls, Ceiling and  wood and other porous and non-porous surfaces. Our Anti-Fungal/Mold/Mildew treatment is designed to treat infestations in areas such as homes, office cabins, Basements, upholstery, leather seats, walls and wooden surfaces etc. We have introduced in Delhi Gurgaon and NCR the most effective method to eradicate fungal growth through special fungicidal formulations which eradicate mold/mildew infestation from it’s root source. These Anti termite treatment packages are of two types i) Preventive AND ii) Curative type. 

Musty Smell :- Whether the Mold growth is visible or not, if at all it is present is your home ,you’ll likely still be able to smell the mold. Mold gives off a musty odor. It is similar to an earthy smell that you would find in a damp Basement. If you get down and smell the electrical outlets, then you will be able to more easily sniff out whether there is mold growth behind your walls. Electrical sockets and outlets have good access to the space behind the walls in your home.

Can I get rid of black mold myself?


Black mold is dangerous, so extra precautions must be taken when cleaning it out. Increased exposure to the mold without proper protective equipment can cause further damage to you. Additionally, if the mold is not cleaned properly with the right materials and precautions, it can linger and persist. If black mold remains in the home, you and your family will continue to be exposed and could eventually experience severe symptoms.

How Effective is Bleach 


While the toxic nature of bleach kills the Mold on non-porous surfaces, it can’t do a good job on the surfaces that are even a little porous like concrete/wood. It is because all molds send root-like structures called “Hyphae” into the porous surface to gather the nutrients and the surface tension prevents traditional bleach & water solution from penetrating deeply enough into wood or concrete to kill these roots. This is one place where Third generation broad spectrum fungicide technologies are better than bleach solution for breaking the mold cycle. 


if you see evidence of it behind your walls or anywhere else in your home, it’s best to consult a mold remediation company like Capital Pest Control (India) in Delhi NCR region. We will thoroughly tend to the contain the mold, prevent further damage and spreading, and even treat your home in a manner that prevents mold from returning.


Our package also offers Antimicrobial aerial sterilisation to ensure that any residual spores are destroyed. For further details and Anti-fungal treatment and cost please contact us at 9810087539 or just log in at We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us for more details.

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