How to prevent and treat termites for new construction ?

When the Indian economy is experiencing a boom in infrastructure industry a very common question asked by our customers is that What is the best Termite prevention treatment during new construction ? OR What is the most effective method for Pre Construction Anti termite treatment . Depending upon which construction stage the building is going through, Anti termite treatments can be classified into Pre and Post construction treatments . Due to space constraint, in this blog we shall only discuss the scope of work and procedures for Pre-construction Anti termite treatment. Though the complete specifications or Code of practices for pre construction anti termite treatment {IS:6313 Part-2 : 2001} can be found here  But the technical specification mentioned there is very elobrate and only a few (having Civil engineering background) can understand that. So here we try to put the Pre construction anti termite treatment in simpler form that can be understood by one and all.


Here in this blog first we shall discuss the importance of Pre construction anti termite treatment followed by complete specification and method for the treatment. Thereafter we shall discuss the deviations from the standard procedure (due to unforeseen circumstances or when homeowner decides to get the treatment done when the building is already under construction) and finally the tentative cost of termite treatment in a new construction.

Property is your most precious possession. For most of the homeowners it is one in life time investment and no one would like to take a chance when it comes to dealing with the most invasive pest on this planet i.e Termites. If you have the luxury of starting from scratch and are in the process of constructing a new house, there are many preventive measures you can employ to stop termite damage before it happens. However the most effective termite treatment is when it is carried out to the structure of building during the early stages of construction and to be more precise when it starts right in the beginning phase of construction.

Pre Construction Termite Treatment Chemicals


The pre construction treatment is the first line of defense for the Termite protection of a new home . The ultimate aim of Pest control during new construction is to form a seamless and continuous chemical barrier in the soil such that termites are denied access from beneath or sides of the built up area of the building. The best termite treatment practices for the new construction has two important components i). Use of Genuine anti termite chemicals ii). Job by skilled technicians who can yield excellent workmanship as the success of the treatment depends upon thoroughness of the application.

First we discuss the approved termiticides (termite treatment chemicals) which are recommended by Central Insecticide Board and prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The approved anti termite treatment chemiclas can be trusted , as before being approved years of research goes under Indian climatic conditions. It is only after tens of years of Research and Analysis that a particular anti termite chemical is recommended for the treatment and is made commercialy available in Indian Pesticide Market.


The following chemicals which conform to Bureau of  Indian Standard are recommended for Termite Pest Control For the new construction . The emulsion is prepared out of these chemicals by mixing them with water at the prescribed dosages .


i).Clorpyrifos 20% E.C



ii). Lindane 20% E.C



iii).Imidacloprid 30.5% SC . Recently this termiticide has also been added to the existing chemicals recommending its use for anti-termite treatment.

The recommended emulsion concentration by weight for first two chemicals i.e Clorpyrifos 20% EC and Lindane 20% EC is 1.0 % which means that 1 Lit. of these chemical has to be mixed with 19 liters of water.


Whereas for recommended concentration by weight for Imidacloprid is 0.075% i.e mix 10.5 ml of Imidacloprid 30.5% SC with 5 liter water.


To ensure the effectiveness of the Pre construction anti termite treatment it is strongly recommended that the chemical emulsion be prepared from any one of these three chemicals at the prescribed concentration only . Any deviation from the standard concentration i.e increase or decrease in the concentration of emulsion will negatively affect the efficacy of the treatment.

Scope of Work or Specification for Pre construction Anti termite soil treatment


It is utmost essential to consider the moisture level of soil before conducting the anti termite treatment . One should avoid treating the soil if it is moist due to underground water or rain water. Moreover, at least 24 hours of rain free period is essential after the soil has been treated with the anti termite chemical . Therefore one should consider weather forecast for the next 24 hrs while deciding the day and time of the start of the treatment. Once the soil treatment for termites has been carried out with the anti termite emulsion , laying of PCC should start only when the chemical emulsion has been thoroughly absorbed by the soil.


The pre construction termite control method primarily comprises of Four major stages. Apart from these four major Pre treatment stages the Bureau of Indian standards recommend two minor stages which are optional and left to the choice of homeowners. Termite being a soil pest, all four major recommended stages of the treatment are applied in the soil of the building. As per Bureau of Indian standards ,Major stages of termite protection for a new home are as depicted below.


i). Bottom and Sides of Trenches of Foundation


ii). Backfill in Immediate Contact with Foundation .


iii). Junction of Wall and Floor.


iv).Top Surface of Plinth Filling


v).External Perimeter of Building.

Stage -1


Bottom and sides of the trenches of Foundation


The first stage i.e Anti termite treatment to foundation is carried out after the excavation of the trenches is complete. The bottom surface and the sides (upto a height of about 1 feet) should be treated with the chemical emulsion made chemicals listed above at recommended concentrations. masonry foundations and basements should be treated with the chemical emulsion @ 5 lit. per sq. mtr of the surface area.




Backfill Treatment


After the masonry foundation treatmennt and when the retaining wall of the basements come up, the backfill in immediate contact with the foundation structure should be treated at the rate of 7.5 litre per sq. mtr. of the surface area .




Wall floor Junction treatment


It is important to establish continuity of the vertical chemical barrier on inner wall surface from ground level up to the level of the filled earth surface. To achieve this, a small channel 3 cm x 3 cm shall be made at all the wall floor junction and rod holes made in the channel up to the ground level 15 cm apart and treating it with the anti termite emulsion.




Plinth Filling Treatment


As per the Bureau of Indian standards, the top surface of the consolidated earth within plinth walls shall be treated with chemical emulsion @ 5 litres. per sq. mtr. of the surface before the stone bed or sub-grade is laid.




External perimetre Treatment


After the completion of the building, the soil along the external perimeter of the building should be rodded at intervals of 15 cm and to a depth of 30 cm. By the forward and and backward movement of steel rod break up the soil and anti termite chemical be poured along the wall at the rate of 7.5 litres per sq. mtr. of the vertical surface area. This forms a chemical barrier for termites in soil.

The stages mentioned above are the major stages are very important and essential to Prevent and Treat  Termites in New Construction. However there are minor and miscellaneous stages also which should also be attended to make the building completely termite proof . These miscellaneous stages are as depicted below.

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Soil treatment for pre construction termite treatment

i).Expansion joints :- Expansion joints at the lower most floor level are one of the most common entry points for termites envasion. The perforated soil under these joints should be thoroughly treated @ 2 litres per linear metre. This is an important component of pre slab termite treatment.


ii). Sanitary/plumbing inlet and outlet points :- The entry and exit points of waste and fresh water pipes are one of the most vulnerable areas. Special care should be taken around these areas as due to the constant moisture source these areas always remain prone to termite envasion. These areas should be liberally impregnated with anti termite emulsion by the method of spraying and injecting.


iii). Electric conduits sites :- The electric conduits can prove to be easy path ways for the termite invasion. The termites use electric conduits as runways to move from one part of the building to the another or from one floor to another floor. Therefore the treatment of electric conduits and channels remain an integral part of pre treatment for termites. To impede the termite penetration from these points , once the channels in the walls have been excavated for the placement of electric pipes , these channels should be liberally treated with the chemical emulsion . Once treated electric conduit network can safely be laid.


Deviation from standard Anti termite treatment practices.


When we get call and we visit our customers construction site in Delhi, Gurgaon , Noida and other NCR regions, we find that the building in question is already in half way of the construction stage.


Due lack of awareness among masses and the pressures on the part of the builder to complete the construction, the important stages of pre treat are overlooked in some cases.  Sometimes the builders pass on the responsibility of  anti termite treatment to the prospective owners. Therefore , very often property owners call us when the slabs of all the floors have been casted and walls being erected. Which means the first three stages of pre construction treatment has been missed. In such cases, first it is essential to identify and decide which  treatment stage is feasible and how to achieve it more effectively.

It is essential that site incharge should cooperate with treatment team as often when the site is offered it is not fit for the treatment. Clearance of wall floor junction for proper treatment and removing the construction material from inside the building become essential to enable the termite treatment team to carry out operation effectively.


New construction termite treatment cost


For buildings under construction  the whole process of pre-construction termite  control requires frequent visits from the termite treatment company, which adds to the cost. Sometimes  property owners find variation when they try to get quote for complete pre construction anti termite treatment. So here we try put ballpark figure about cost of anti termite treatment for new construction.

Assuming that the the treatment is carried out using recommended chemicals of standard brands like Bayer, FMC and Tata Chemiclas, the cost of treatment can range any where between Rs. 95/- to 125/- per sq. mtr. of the built up area if you hire a professional company. These pre construction termite treatment rates are inclusive of all the four major stages as mentioned above. However for the minor or miscellaneous stages the cost of treatment is extra. These treatment charges are applicable especially in Delhi, Gurgaon Noida and northen part of India , where the soil is alkaline and alluvial and average moisture content is not high. These kind of soil yields better absorption of termiticide solution. This cost of termite control for new construction may vary in other regions of India who have different soil texture or variation in other inputs like quality and availability of termite control chemical, taxes, labour cost, wages and transportation etc.

Treatment Warranty


If the Termite Pretreatment for New Construction is carried out according to above mentioned procedure and all recommended specifications are followed, one can expect a comprehensive warranty of five years against subterranean termites . In India , earlier Termite control companies used to offer longer warranty periods for buildings under construction . But in those days , Pre construction termite control service control providers were allowed to use stronger and toxic chemicals. In the recent past , due to health and environment concerns  many toxic chemicals have been banned in India and the warranty periods have been shortened.


Now a days by paying marginally extra cost , some companies offer insurance cover against termite loss and all damages/repair cost ,in case of re-occurance during warranty period, are payable by the treatment providing companies. In the case of renewals of termite protection plan after the expiry of warranty period, homeowners get good discounts as well. A professional Pre construction termite treatment company may carry out interim inspections during the contract period so that warranty is honoured and any termite infestation is nipped in the bud.

Other Treatment Options


For New Construction termite Treatment a latest technology that is gaining popularity among home users, builders and architects is Reticulation Termite treatmentAnti termite reticulation treatment is a procedure that is carried out during the advance stage of Pre construction. It involves laying of a network of porous tubing all along the floor before the marble or floor tiles are fixed. The two ends of carrier pipe are stationed outside the house for the periodical chemical recharge in future. In my next blog I shall discuss the technical and commercial details about this Reticulation termite control method. It is a unique termite treatment method for new construction and also known as underground piping method.


Though we had been quite elaborate in this blog, but still if you have any query unanswered about Pre treatment for termites you may call us at 9810087539 or login at We offer free consultation and inspection services for Pest control treatments in new constructions. We have our service network in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon and our response time in these regions is lightning fast. Our team will provide you with a free quote and guide you through the process. We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at for more details.

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