How to prepare for Pest Control Treatment

“Two friends in Pune killed by poisoning during pest control” in Nov. 2015. Another news of july 2012  says “two siblings die in Versova flat after pest control”.


“A couple and their daughter found dead in their house in Narayan Peth” in March 2015. Police said smoke emanating from rat poison killed the family. In 2011 two middle aged “Twin sisters were found dead at their residence in Ideal Colony , Kothrud”. The police said that the women died of suffocation after fumigation done at their appartment.


There is one thing common in all the above accidental poisoning cases. None of the case is related to crime but purely  to the  human negligence. As the awareness about Pest control among people increasing it becomes utmost essential to be apprised of safety measures to be taken during and after the Pest control treatment. These small Pest control safety precautions taken during the treatment can prevent one from major mishap. It is fact that pest control products  are the special chemicals which are designed to kill or control Insects. There are different category of pesticides like Termiticide used for termite control , Larvicides used for mosquito and flies larva control , Fumigants used for stored products pest control  fungicides used for fungi control , and rodenticides used for rodent control. Common indian pests are roaches, mosquitoes, flies, termites borers and rat/rodents . Pesticides come in different physical forms like solids, powders, liquids and gases(fumigants).

Choosing The Right Pesticides


Before you decide to get your property sprayed all over by the pest control company, it is important to identify the pest that is troubling you. A professional Pest Control operator is trained in insect pest identification and it’s remedial treatment. After the pest has been identified, Choosing pesticides that can work for your home is very important. First, one should insist his pest control operator  to consider non-chemical control measures. If that is not possible ask for the least toxic household pesticide available. If used over a long period of time a pesticide can prove to be more harmful then the pests themselves. Therefore insist on use of least amount of pesticide that can resolve your pest problem.

Pesticides and our environment


The pest control carried out using different type of pesticides works differently. Some knock down the pest and then break down quickly and don’t cause any harm to living environment. Whereas  some formulations , like surface sprays and termite treatments, persist in the environment for months or even years after application and hence in some cases Pest control spray can last for months together.

Though most pesticides are designed to only kill the target pest, however other non target insects or animals may sometimes be harmed. For example, a cat may be poisoned if it eats a rat killed by  rat poison. Therefore it is utmost essential to select the right  pesticides that then, follow the label instructions carefully.


If any of your family member is allergic/sensitive to pesticides or it’s smell , you should consult your doctor before the pesticides are applied in and around your home . We at Capital Pest Control (India ) use only those products which are approved by Central Insecticide board and recommended by WHO under Public health programme.

How to prepare before Pest Control Treatment

  •  Open all curtains but tightly close the windows.
  •  All external doors should be closed but internal doors should be open.
  •  Keep pets outside and secure them.
  •  Cover fish tanks/bowls  with an impermeable sheet.
  • Secure children’s toys or remove them from areas to be treated..
  • Cover baby’s  bed. Safety for babies during Pest control is very important.
  • Cover or put all exposed food in refrigerator.
  • Kitchen counters where food is prepared should be thoroughly washed after the treatment.
  • Stay out of the house and keep it airtight for atleast 3 hours after the treatment. If someone in the family is sensitive to chemical odor, he/she must be away for at least 24 Hours.
  • Aerate the house thoroughly by opening the  windows/doors when you return after three or four hours.
  • When you return after the treatment, just vaccum the floor and avoid wet mopping for 24 hrs or it will remove the protection.
  • A thorough cleaning and washing of  kitchen utensils is must after Pest Control The above mentioned precautions or safety measures before Pest Control ensures efficacy of the treatment without compromising the health of your loved ones.

General Pest Control precautions


1). Do not eat or smoke while pest control is being carried out indoor.


2). Keep your pets away or relocate them while the pest control is being done. Most pesticides are harmful to birds and fish. Therefore bird cage or Aquarium must be relocated before the pest control be carried out


3). Cover food items or put them in refrigerator.  Keep utensils and other electrical gazetts away from the area to be treated.


4). Thoroughly clean kitchen counter and dining table before using them after the treatment is done.


5). The flow of the pesticide sprays should be directed towards wall floor junction along the skirting level. Avoid spraying all over and spilling pesticides unnecessarily.

Safety Precautions during outdoor Pest Control


The pesticides used outdoor are different from those used indoor. Normally the outdoor pest control applications are harder as they have to be resistant to rain and sunlight.

Here are some important precautions for outdoor pest control treatments.

  •  All doors and windows must be tightly closed before using outdoor pesticides so that the fumes don’t get drift inside.
  • Avoid getting outdoor pest control done on a rainy or the day when strong winds are blowing as weather has direct impact of efficacy of the treatment. Moreover outside  pest control on a rainy or windy day can prove to be hazardeous to pests , animals  people and the living environment.
  •  fish ponds, barbeques and vegetable gardens must be protected from any direct spraying and if possible be covered.
  • Outside pet beddings, dog-house or their water and food bowls must be removed or covered.
  • Avoid watering of your garden immediately after Outdoor pest control has been done. At least 6-8 hrs. of exposure period is essential after any kind of pest control treatment is carried done outside.
  • Keep plants and birds under observation  for a few days after pest control to make sure that the instecticide used are not causing harm to them . Some pest control products have a delayed side effect.
  • Inform your neighbours about pest control activity done to the external  areas.
  • If you have any  rainwater or water tank, make sure that the insecticide residue does not get washed into them as it may lead to severe contamination .

Who are more prone to Pesticides poisoning


If you are planning to get your premise Pesticide treatment done, following groups of people are more prone and sensitive to the treatment.But this list should not be considered as a rule of thumb, as anyone can be affected by pesticides.

  • unborn babies and young children.
  • pregnant and nursing women
  • Aged people.
  • Asthmatic and allergic patients.
  • People recently undergone surgical treatment.
  • Pests like fish and birds.

What to do after Pest control Treatment

  • It’s important to give it time for pest control to take effect. Most products need time to dry . Most products have longer residual affect, lasting up to 2-3 months if undisturbed. Therefore avoid mopping along the (edges)wall floor junction of the room where pesticides have been used. It will leave the treatment in place and yield better results.

As far as cleaning after the pest control is concerned, there is a prescribed period for each product , after which when the floor and walls become dry ,your house become safe to be reused and the material used in the treatment will not be transferred to paws of your pets OR to human skin.


A common question asked by our customers in Delhi Gurgaon and NCR region is, that would they find dead pest/insects after they come back home after the pest control treatment. As a matter of fact these days the latest pest control products have time delay action. It does not immediately starts killing the pests. Moreover formulations are such that insects pick these molecules and take it back to their place of harborage and is passed on to other pests and eventually the whole pest colony eliminats. Therefore you do not find dead pests all over the house after the treatment.


On returning home after the pesticide treatment  , make sure that fresh air is allowed to flow throughout the building. Cross ventillating the house after pest control treatment is very important as it will clear your indoor environment free from any toxic or obnoxious fumes.

If still you face a medical condition that exists such as: Allergy, chest congestion, Nausea, Breathlessness or blurring of vision , muscle cramp etc. Immediately call a physician. It is utmost essential that you keep the list of pesticides used at your home for pest control, as in case of any medical emergency, it makes easy for the doctor to decide upon which treatment to be given to the patient.


When you hire Capital Pest Control (India) in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida for any of your pest control need, we take all the necessary precautions and educate you about do’s and dont’s so that the treatment is effective and safe for your loved ones and general living environment of your home. Call us at 9810087539 or just click here to fill up small query form and we will be in touch as quickly as possible. You can also login at We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at for more details.

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