How to do Pest Control Inspection ?

As we have discussed in our earlier blogs the first step in Successful Pest control treatment is Inspection. A thorough Pest Control Inspection is one which provides all the data necessary to create and establish a complete Pest control programme. Or in other words an incomplete fact sheet from a poor inspection will potentially lead to a failure in the pest management. While choosing a Pest control inspection company for the job homeowner must ask about the experience level of the technical person who would perform the inspection. Request the company that the most experienced inspector  be assigned for the inspection of your property. As a rule of thumb never hire someone who shows up at your door, offering free Pest Inspection services. This is almost surely a scam. Secondly , most of the time  Pest control inspection of your building is not an urgent matter, and ideally you should fix up an appointment when you can be present for the inspection and have an opportunity to discuss at length with the inspector .


 A Pest Control inspection should always start with an open conversation with the homeowner or the care taker of the property. Asking questions pertaining to the situation and location gives the important information about the pest menace a client is facing. The more specific information a Pest control inspector gets the more precise and effective service programme he can design. A visual Inspection is a very useful tool of a Professional pest control inspection. Physically looking at the facility by walking throughout the location some times give very important clue which help in deciding the control strategy. Interestingly , a person working in the back of kitchen who washes dishes knows more that the home owner himself about the pest menace.

professional Pest control Inspection can be carried out with some very small but useful tools and items including

  •  Handy operated torch.
  •  Notebook/ note pad.
  • Basic hand tool like screw driver or small chisel.
  • Handy camera (to take photograph of infested area ot the inspect itself)
  • Moisture meter (optional)
  • Pest control inspection Checklist

A pest inspector should have thorough knowledge about the local pests found in a particular geographical area. Be it a home or office a pest control inspection is incomplete if one miss to look out for pest evidence like dead insects, pest damage caused by gnawing or eating, cast skins, insect fecal matter/droppings or pest smell. An inspection should cover the pest vulnerable areas of the building like places having excess moisture source, pest harborage areas like shafts, man-holes, drains , excess debris area around the building, areas lacking ventilation and other Conducive conditions for pests, such as standing water, direct soil -wood contact or any plumbing leaks in washing areas.


 Decision about responsibility of taking care about conducive areas should be taken on spot. Sometime client takes the responsibility of taking care of the pest conducive conditions like sealing the unwanted openings etc.

After the inspection is complete the company should compile all the gathered data into a report and should present it to the client. The report should be put together immediately after the inspection when the information is still fresh in memory.   A diagram on the inspection report  suggests that every part of the house is checked for any signs of Pest Activity. If some areas of the building could not be inspected due to inaccessibility, it must be clearly mention on the inspection report.


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