How to control lizards effectively ?

Time for Monsoon showers to knock doors at Delhi and Gurgaon  and so is the time  for new born baby Lizards to show up crawling on floor, walls and around your house. Don’t let these repulsive Pests scare your loved ones


Majority of calls we receive these days in our Delhi and Gurgaon office concern the sudden increase in number of lizards at homes. We all know that lizards help in keeping our homes Pest free , but we still don’t relish their sight in our homes. We all make efforts to keep our house lizard free.

So here we try to list some measures which can help us keep our homes Lizards-free.

  1. Keep your house and it’s surroundings clean. An unclean house attracts all sorts of Insects including lizards by providing  them food and shelter .
  2. Keep clear gap between walls and furniture for regular cleaning and denying any hiding places to lizards. Any hanging picture must be tightly flushed against the walls so that no gap is left between wall and pictures.
  3. Fix any moisture source present in the house.
  4. Seal the openings between wall and wood or between Wood and floor with the help of sealants.
  5. Screens all the windows so that no gap is allowed from where lizards can access your house.
  6. If  crack or opening between wall floor junction  or wall wood junction must be repaired properly to prevent their entry.

With all these measures in place, if lizards still manage to get into your premise , then here we suggest some eco-friendly and non-toxic remedial measures to repel lizards which are safe for your children , pests and living environment of your house.

1).Onion slices: Cut onion vertically into 3-4 pieces and , tie it in a small cloth and place them in hide out places where you suspect lizards frequently seen . Onion peels contain some natural compounds which irritates their soft bodies of lizards and repel them.


I. Garlic Onion Mixture spray:  Prepare a fine mixture of Onion and garlic by putting the cut pieces of both mixed with some water . Stir is vigorously to prepare a homogenous mixture and then spray it in every nook and corner of the house. This is a best house hold remedy against lizards.


II. Broken Egg Shells :- Empty Egg shells ,dry them and hang them around the entry points and window sills of your house. Lizards assume that the premise is already occupied by some predator  and tend to leave your house within no matter of time. These egg shells must be replaced every 4-6 weeks and their place must also be changed. It is one of the effective methods to get rid of lizards at home without killing them or harming them.


III. Naphthalene Balls: Naphthalene ball  have fumigant action which keeps the bugs away from your house which in turn make your premise less lucurative to lizards. This indirect remedy works effectively against the lizards.

IV.  Peacock Feathers:Place 4-5  peacock feathers around your house by hanging or pasting them against walls. Lizards on seeing peacock feather get scared of predator’s presence and leave the house. peacock feathers can also be placed in some flower vase.


V.  Pepper water mixture:  Mixture of pepper and water works well for repelling lizards as it has the properties of nerve irritant. This pepper powder and water mixture has some insecticidal property which irritates and repell lizards . Sprinkle this mixture in your kitchen racks, behind tube lights, behind curtains and main electric supply box.


VI. Ice-cold Water: If you can manage to Spray some ice-cold water on the body of the  lizard, It reduce their body temperature, and immobilize them temproarily. They can then be trapped under a cardboard box and can be disposed off easily.


VII. Coffee tobacco mixture: Mix small quantity of coffee powder with tobacco powder. Just add very small quantity of water so that small balls can be prepared out of this mixture.  Place these balls along the places where lizards are frequently seen . Lizards tend to consume this mixture balls and eventually die or leave your house.


With all these remedies in place,  if still you face the lizard problem, then you should resort to professional help. There are  very safe and  repellent compounds which are  are approved by Central Insecticide board and can be safely applied inside and around your home. A professional lizard control company  may also  use  certain glue traps which can be used effectively to trap lizards. Ideally, Lizard control treatment are given during evening hours as lizards being nocturnal creatures become active during night.

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