How to choose a Professional Pest Control Company in Delhi and Gurgaon

Professional pest control services
Professional Pest control company


Pest Control Company Selection
How to choose a professional Pest Control Company

Are you confused about the different rates offered by the Pest control treatment companies for the same job ? Are you in a decision mode and searching for a qualified and professional pest management company in Delhi or Gurgaon? Here we can help you in  locating the right professional pest control service provider. It would help you understand the reason as to why there is considerable price difference between the  companies for the same job. When looking for a  professional company to help you with pest problem, we recommend that you consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are they licensed with  Plant Protection office Delhi or Gurgaon , state Government authority, Ministry of Agriculture . Always remember to check  issued license before the commencement of job.
  •  Is the company affiliated with the Indian Pest Control Association? (The IPCA has drafted best pest management practices for their members to follow).
  • Check with the Consumer disputes redressal forum online database to inquire if the company has a complaint history.
  • Even through Yellow Pages, Google or road side banners, companies offer free pest control inspection. Generally those inspections are just a market gimmick as , usually the company wants you to be  his new customer. So, just  look over of your house is offered free and company tries to convert the lead and allure you into signing a service contract with them.
  • How many years of experience does the company have in inspecting and treating the Pest infestations ? Also inquire how often it’s employees receive training in dealing with day to day pest control operations.
  • What is the company’s standard operating  procedure(SOP) for dealing with Pest Problem?
  • You should also ask for the referrals of their existing or past customers to get a broader picture of consumer sentiment. If you can get referrals of their clients in your vicinity it will give you more confidence. 
  • Analyse if the company offers quality services at the affordable rates and the quality of services must match with their charges. You may compare the  rates with other companies so that you avail the best services at reasonable cost. Know about the terms and conditions before you sign a contract.

  • If a ticket size of the budget is big, don’t forget to  get bids from several pest control agencies. Don’t rush a decision. Since you are paying for professional services,  look for someone whose deal you can trust.
  • If a company lacks enough experience in treating various type of pests and termites it will land you nowhere. So check and ensure that the people who are going to render Pest control services in your home have enough expertise in it and taken up a proper training.

  • Last but not the least , buy value, not price. Do not make a buying decision based solely on the lowest price quote. A low cost pest control service may end up with corners cut.
  • Homeowners must ensure that they hire an expert irrespective of  the size of the company because the  technician’s skills determine the quality of job. Just call different companies and try to  compare the technicians rather than the price quotes.  The size of the company has not much  to do with quality of job. A a matter of fact, some big Pest management companies   have large over head expanses. The newly recruits with little hands on experience , are just  given basic training and are quickly assigned a job.
  • Several pest control companies boast their company’s old presence. But consumer must know that  being in business for over  50 years does not guarantee the effective pest elimination. Some new entrants can have personnel who are just as experienced as those at old pest control companies. Some  small and local companies can have technicians who are as skilled and experienced as those working in big national or international companies.
  • If a  technician claims that your pest problem has no solution, just call another professional company  until you find an expert. Remember , there is always a solution to any pest menace and if that was not true, we may not have survived.

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