How often should pest control be done ?

How often should pest control be done?


Pests have been a subject of concern for Homeowners and businesses in India. One pest interception at home is enough to give you sleepless nights. With it comes a long queue of questions like “how pest invasion occurred”, “how these pests managed to invade your house”, How to get rid of this menace quickly and so on.


We understand your concern and urgency to get rid of the pest problem as quickly as possible and at minimum cost without burning hole in your pocket. But first, we must ask ourselves an important question. “How frequently should Pest control be called”. Homeowners want to learn to maintain a balance between spending least possible price and successfully removing bug infestation from their property. Through this blog, we shall try to educate the users as to how they can get Effective pest control with an optimum frequency of service required. You will learn the thumb rules that apply while deciding on How often your property should be treated to attain cost-effective pest control servicesThe periodicity of service should be such that it is frequent enough to keep pests away from your premise without being overkill.

How to decide Pest Control Treatment Frequency?


Whatever information we put across here is based on our field experience as a pest control operator in India for last 30 years. It has been observed at times that customers decide upon frequency themselves, which is a sheer mismatch between what they are getting and what is required. Some clients in India get their property pest controlled once in a year, that too when the pest problem becomes unbearable. On the other hand there are some homeowners who get their property treated too frequent which proves over the application of pesticides. While some bugs require more frequent treatments, other bugs get to control just by one or two applications at the most.


It also depends upon the surroundings of your vicinity and how conducive your property is to a particular pest. For example, in the case of a termite infestation of a house built on rocky soil, just one application is good enough to control termites for years together. On the other hand, if your house is infested by rats and there is a big drain or restaurant near the house, it requires very frequent services to get a fair degree of control.

Secondly, different Pest control products require different treatment intervals as there is a difference in their residual effect and different acceptability by an insect. As far as the exterior of the house is concerned, one service every 3-4 months is a good idea as it works as a preventive treatment option and it does not let pest problem crop up at first place. So If you get exterior of your house treated 3-4 times a year, you shouldn’t have a pest menace inside of your house.


So it is advisable that first you get your premise thoroughly inspected by some professional Pest control expert, leave it on to him when it comes to deciding the frequency of service for Pest control.

How often should I have Pest Control Treatment done?


Frequency of Pest Control services also depends on the location of your property and the pest population around your surroundings. For example, the termite menace in South Delhi is much more severe than the other parts of Delhi. The study has shown that the Termite density in South Delhi is greater, as the soil here is more termite prone. Here just one termite treatment does not suffice and interim inspections are needed and spot treatments has to be undertaken as and when the need arises. If your house is located in West or North Delhi, and it is infested by common household pests like cockroaches, spiders and ants, a quarterly services (i.e once in 3 months) service is enough to keep them away.


However, if you are situated in East Delhi then you have to work out on a Bi-Monthly(once in two months) plan to match the same results, because here the conditions are more conducive for such pests growth. Another extreme example is Bedbugs removal job in Gurgaon and Noida , where they are hard to oversome. So here you would certainly have to get Monthly service plan . However we always insist homeowners to Check with their pest control company, but normally it is suggested to get your property treated once every four months. Shorter or longer intervals between two services can be recommended, according to gravity of infestation or precise situation.

Though each infestation is unique, the most optimum pest control service frequency would be Quarterly (every three months) as this is sufficient to keep common household pests away like cockroaches, spiders, ants and house crickets. In regions like Delhi Noida and Gurgaon, any other pests should be considered as speciality pests and Bi-monthly service should work for speciality pests. Homeowners should inquire with professional pest control company about a service schedule for these type of pests. If a pest control operator suggests any more frequent services than think about another company. A monthly service plan is probably too much of a treatment and you’re paying for unnecessary services. Any Good Pest control company should be able to control pests with services every two months.

Why to follow quarterly service plan thumb rule?

It is an established fact that Usually, pesticides remain effective up to three months after they have been applied. With a quarterly service plan, a pest control technician is able to re-apply the treatment so your house always has a continuous ongoing protection barrier against bugs. After first 2-3 services on the quarterly plan, the pest nuisance in your home starts subsiding and then your pest controller can decide upon more preventive approach. After a stage, he can opt treating the interior of your house less frequently and a pest infestation can be controlled from the outside area of your property.


Another advantage of opting for Quarterly service plan is free re-treats in between. Most Pest control companies in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon offer free of cost re-treats in between if circumstances so warrant. If you notice any bug activity on your property between two services , a technician comes without delay to control the situation at no extra cost. More likely a Quarterly service contract let you call the company whenever it is required.

These days some companies offer one-time treatment option, which is a short term solution. They offer 30 days warranty period. No doubt it seems more economical and flexible as you may order service as and when required. But there is a major drawback with this kind of arrangement. It eliminates pests superficially and does not take care of their eggs, hidden deep inside minute gaps between wood and floor. Soon you find yourself trapped in same vulnerable situation as before. Moreover a single treatment option are costlier when compared with cost per service under annual pest control plan. However as an exceptional case, one-time treatment plan can be suggested to those homeowners who are not likely to stay in a house for longer periods (i.e tenants etc.)


Through tabular representation, we try to elaborate the recommended Pest control frequency for different pests found in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR region, in. For better understanding, we take two type or premises in consideration, Domestic and Office.


Common Insect Pests of Delhi Noida and GurgaonType of PremiseRecommended periodicity of Pest control services
Common Household crawling pests like Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and SilverfishDomesticQuarterly Services (once in three months)
Common Household crawling pests like Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and SilverfishCommercial/OfficeBi-Monthly (Once in two months)
Subterranean and dry wood termites/BorersDomesticOnce in two years with Six-monthly inspections
Subterranean and drywood termites/BorersCommercial/OfficeOnce in two years with Six-monthly inspections
Bed BugsDomesticThree Services in a year.
Flying Insects like flies and mosquitoesDomesticMonthly Services.
Flying Insects like flies and mosquitoesCommercial/OfficeFort-Nightly services
Rats/RodentsDomesticMonthly Services
Rats/RodentsCommercial/OfficeFortnightly and weekly for Food Installations like Hotels, Restaurants and food processing units.


We hereby suggest that this frequency of services should not be treated as a rule of thumb and these are just recommended periodicities. We always insist on our customers that they should get their premise inspected by some Professional Pest control agency and let him decide how severe the pest infestation is and how often should the Pest control be sprayed.


Capital Pest Control (India) is a proud member of IPCA (Indian Pest Control Association) and is pleased to maintain the superlative standard of services.  Through the IPCA and other professional memberships like AFAS, NPMA, we are committed to a high standard of professional Pest management service, continuous improvement, and an exceptional level of care. Call CPC(I) for your next pest control need. Our Pest control experts will schedule an inspection and will suggest you, how frequent your house or office should be Pest controlled. Call us at 9810087539 or login at . We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at for more details.

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