Does home insurance cover termite damages

Owning  a house in india  is perhaps the precious and most important investment we make these days . If such possession is in high end markets of Delhi and Gurgaon  it is a matter of pride. whether it is a cash purchase or a financed one, protecting your investment  is a must.

Many home owners in Delhi and Gurgaon buy an insurance cover and that is the best thing one can do to protect one’s house against unforeseen circumstances. But the second important thing one must know is what all an insurance plan may or may not cover.


It is an established fact that termites cause billion Rupees of damage  every year to property owners in India. If these voracious createures cause any visible or invisible damge to your property do not expect your insurance company  to rescue you out of this as termite damage is rarely covered under home insurance plan. Home insurance policy only covers damage due to sudden or un expected events and not the damages occurred to your property due to termite attacks. This is because of an unwritten understanding that losses due to termites can be prevented through proper house keeping practises, anti termite control treatments and periodic inspections and hence can not be classified under sudden and unexpected event.

The Sub-terranean  termites form hidden routes to have an access to to the wooden structure of a house and as the time passes, can cause extensive damage to the basic building structure which requires costly repairs.


In fact, termites are active in every indian state with  Delhi and Gurgaon being the worst affected by Sub-terranean species of termites. It is due to this reason that most Home insurance companies do not cover losses either due to termite damage or termite repairs.


Because damages due to termites attack are rarely covered under home insurance schemes , therefore it is highly advisable that home owners in Delhi and Gurgaon to have their property inspected and get their house regularly treated against termite infestations. Moreover at the time of initial purchase one should thoroughly get the property inspected by a certified Termite inspector so as to give you peace of mind that at the time of purchase at least your house is free of termite infestation. Thereafter year after year get it inspected through professionally trained termite control specialist.

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