Do Termites attack walls and what is the treatment

Termite infested wall
Termite Treatment of Walls

Most Homeowners get baffled when they notice visible Termite infestation on their walls. That is just contrary to their belief that termites attack only wood. Now irrespective of what is visible, the question is do termites attack walls ? If Yes, then how to control termite on walls .

Termites have special enzymes and protozoa/bacteria in their digestive system  that allow them to digest cellulose and not concrete or plaster . However Termites are known for their voracious inclinations and sometimes can damage even  non-cellulosic materials in their quest for food. Subterranean termites have such a strong urge to move upwards from their soil nest that they will work tirelessly until they get through the barrier. They will even chew their way laboriously through asphalt or concrete.

Customers in Gurgaon  and Delhi report that  termites have damaged or hollowed out their walls . When termites move behind the plaster in search of wood  it creates a cavity behind the wall surface which looks like  rippled surface or sunken areas behind the  wall. It is a sort of distortion on wall and some times it is due to bubbling paint also.

Plaster of Paris (POP) on the walls and ceilings, being the cellulosic material, is commonly attacked by termites. All cellulosic materials like wood, cardboard, paper, fabric and Plaster of Paris are soft targets for termites. Homeowners in Gurgaon commonly complain of formation of mud-tubes on the POP plastered walls. Formation of pencil type mud shelter tubes  or tiny mud spots on the POP plastered walls is a common sight in modern houses of Gurgaon.

Any wood which is flushed against such infested walls is vulnerable to termite attacks. Subterranean termites are capable of maintaining a colony within walls without any contact with the soil. If there is a continuous dampness source like leaking shower  and walls/floor remain damp and the wood rarely dries, the termite nest can exist and spread within masonary walls.

If you ever notice any such walls infested by termites in your property, never give it a second thought and call Professional termite control experts , who have technical know-how and expertise to deal with these voracious creatures. They may identify and locate the source of infestation which could be unseasoned wood, infested tree outside, any Mud tube route through shaft area or could be satellite colony behind the wall. Once the source is located then they may adopt different treatment methods like surgical treatment to wall by chipping of the wall plaster locally, drilling/injecting wall floor junction, or direct spraying of walls. Pest Control for termites on walls require special skills, special equipment and years of hands on experience. It may also be possible that Termite pest control for walls may take more than one visit from an expert as termites may move from a treated patch on wall to non treated area.

Remember the longer the termites stay in your walls the faster is their rate of damage . So in the case of termites it’s never too early to call in a professional and getting your home protected against termites.

We know how to treat termites behind the wall. We offer extensive Termite inspection Services in Delhi and Gurgaon without any charge and recommend treatment therof. Call our office experts @ 9810087539 or visit us at for more information. We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at for more details.


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