Do termites attack electric cables or sockets ?

Do termites attack electric sockets or chew electric wiring ?


Sometimes homeowners complaint of short circuits without any valid reason for such mishaps to occur. On close analysis, we sometimes come across the situation where electric wiring in the conduits or electric sockets are severely damaged by the termites. The insulation of the old electric wires some times contain cellulosic material , which are eaten up by termites .


Once insulation material is eaten up and wires are exposed, there is every possibility of short circuit being caused or major incident of fire may take place. Many a number of times termites also use electric conduits within a premise as a media or runway to swiftly move from one room to the another. Termites have strong mandibles which they use to to chew through electrical wiring, switches, and plug sockets etc. in their quest for food made up of cellulosic materials, like wood, cloth, paper and cardboard. More often , it is noticed that these electric conduits , wirings and sockets are attacked when they are near to the food source, like wall panelling, base board, or concealed wood behind the bed head rests.

Once we had a desperate call from a home owner in Gurgaon , whereby he complained about an unusual activity in his main electric meter box, from where the main electric cable from a street pole enters his house. On close and detailed inspection we noticed that sub terranean termites had built their temprory but still live nest around the electrical supply cable and it was so badly damaged that the insulation around the cable had worn off and it had caused a dangerous fault that could have been life threatening. We had to request the ” Haryana Bijlee Vitran Nigam” to cut the power supply for this particular house so that necessary repairs of cable could be done and extensive termite treatment be carried out along main power supply cable. As the The areas around electric cables could not be treated with liquid formulations therefore they were Specially treated by a method called “powder puffing” with approved termiticides.

If there is termite infestation behind a wall activity, it can prove be shock and fire hazard as it has impact on the state of electrical sockets. When electric sockets get infested by sub terranean termites, they fill with wet mud due to moisture. Any accidental contact with such wet sockets can prove to be a hazard in the form of shock or short circuit. It is highly desirable that homeowners must be aware of this potential risk. It is important that all electric sockets and panels in a house must have safety switch or circuit breakers so that the circuit breaks in case of shock or short socket. Such sockets must not be used, unless their termite treatment is completed.


It is therefore utmost essential that a termite treatment technician should not only have termite identification and treatment skills, but should also have a general trade sense and even basic building construction knowledge.

So if you ever happen to come across such situation whereby termites have damaged any of your electric cable, conduit, socket or plug points never try to handle that termite problem on your own and call our professional termite treatment team and let them handle the situation professionally. We offer such anti termite treatment services to our clients in entire Delhi NCR region including Noida and Gurgaon.Call us at 9810087539 or click here to login to our website. We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us for more details.

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