We at Capital Pest Control (India) often get  calls from many clients who are confused between Pest Control Services AND  Fumigation Services. Quite a few  customers  call  our office and inquire if the fumigation services can be carried out their home in Delhi. Lack of proper knowledge can put the home owners into serious health condition. Let us clearly understand the two terms and difference between them i.e Pest control services and Fumigation services. First let us be clear that the chemiclas used in Pest control services are called Pesticides and the chemicals used for Fumigation treatments  are called Fumigants

Pest Control – “Pest Control” refers to the control or management of a species defined as a pest, not total elimination of the pests. Controlling pests to larger extent makes more sense in the environment people live in.

Domestic Pest Control

Though complete eradication of household pests is possible , but then that requires use of harmful and  toxic chemicals that certainly do more harm than good. Pests are known for  their extreme adaptive capabilities and use a variety of methods to adapt to changed toxic environment.

They can adapt physiologically, including changing their time of activity, hiding places and food habits.  No matter how toxic the chemicals have been used, total elimination is never promised. Moreover the chemicals used for Pest Control Services not necessarily kill all the life stages of a pest like Egg, pupae, larvae and Adult.

Apart from chemical control Pest control services may also include Physical control methods like Screening and sealing of openings , Trapping and Baiting to avoid entry of pests inside the premises. Pest Control services are provided to living environment like homes, offices, schools, factories, Hotels, laboratories, residential and commercial complexes. Pest Control Services remain confined to  General House hold insects  like cockroach, ants, lizards, moths, spiders, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes and rats/rodents etc. License for undertaking pest control services is easily available with local government authorities.

Fumigation – Fumigation involves controlling pests by using specialized gases. Fumigation is one of the methods used to control pests. However, pest control operators do not often use this method. Fumigation is generally used for control of commodity stored pests and export consignments . As a rule of thumb Fumigation technique can be used only for Quarantine purposes. It involves use of restricted chemicals in the form of fumes and  self volatile gases. This method can never be and should not be used in livable environment. This  method is undertaken in enclosed and air tight structures like cargo containers, ware houses, godowns and Rice and floor mills etc. The pre calculated dosages of a fumigant is liberated and monitored in an airtight enclosure for sufficient period of time. 

Fumigation is also a technique of pest control, but pest control in homes and offices should never involve this method. It is totally illegal to use 
Fumigation technique in livable environment like residential and commercial premises. The chemicals used for fumigation are highly toxic than chemicals used in pest control services. To obtain fumigation license is a very long and complex process as it requires lot of expertise and use of specialized equipment.

Important – Many unauthorized pest control operators in Delhi and NCR offers cheap pest control services, They use highly toxic and use restricted fumigants like aluminum phosphate for residential pest control services which puts resident’s life at risk. In the recent past many such cases have been reported in Delhi , Gurgaon and Noida where the overdose of fumigants at home  led to casualties of occupants. Hence one should be very particular while using the term pest control OR fumigation and make sure that the pest control operator uses the right chemicals and dosages and have proper license for carrying pest control services.

To know more about Pest Control and Fumigation Services call our Delhi office at 9810087539. You can also login at www.cpcindia.in . We also undertake Anti microbial disinfection treatment of residential and commercial buildings against Coronavirus and other viral diseases. You can visit us at http://www.cpcindia.in/blog/coronavirus-disinfection/ for more details.


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