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Bayer Environmental Science (BES) in India is a business operation of Bayer Crop Science Limited and is a pioneer in the field of public health, being a major contributor in this segment since several years. The Environmental Science division of Bayer, fecilitates development of specialists across the world having network of  development centres in the Germany,  Brazil , and Unites states apart from having  innovation hubs in China and India to develop Pest Control solutions close to the users where they are.

Bayer keeps a stringent eye on Quality Assurance, elevates the level of technological competence, and assures technical service to customers through long lasting partnerships.

For over a Century, Bayer has been on a mission of delivering Science For A Better Life. Bayer’s philosophy is to bring it to life every day. Whether its keeping your home or Business pest free, keeping Aeroplanes or railways safer or ensuring healthy outdoor living environment. Bayer is committed to help it’s clients maintain healthy environments where people live, work and play. Under the objective of ‘Science For A Better Life’, Bayer Environment Science provides excellent after sale service to it’s customers (Both PCO’s and end users)  which happens to be it’s greatest strength in the industry. To achieve this Bayer continually provides technical support and training to the customers and thus majorly contributes in providing a pest free and disease free living in India. It is this philosophy that helps Bayer create innovative products in the domain of pest management and Vector control and other disease carrying pests in your premise.

In India and all over the world , Bayer is considered as a  trusted brand for products related to Pest Control which go ahead of the rest of its competitors  to ensure safety and reduce risk caused by those unwanted Insect pests.

Bayer is known for its passion for innovation in the domain of Pest management and Vector control and they have developed various solutions for  Homes, Offices, Factories, Education Institutes, hotels, Libraries and  Golf course.By embracing Science For A Better Life, Bayer is committed to being the best solution by working together with it’s customers to create a better life for society.

Bayer is  committed to living and doing business in a way that meets the needs of the present without compromising needs of the future. Bayer carefully develops product and services to benefit people and improve their sorroundings. The philosophy of Bayer is  aligned with the sustainable development comitted to ever growing need of Pest Control industry.

Bayer Pest Management Professionals Network

Bayer Network was launched in 2011 and at present there are more than 60 Pest Management Professionals (PMP) associated with this program. Bayer Network programme is customised to help Pest Control Professionals manage, develop and grow their business in accordance with Bayer Philosophy.

Bayer Network program is an engagement tool conceptualized for supporting Pest Control Professionals by providing them all tools that will help them achieve their objective. Bayer Network program closely engage with the PMPs to support them in improving their staff skills, motivation, acquire new accounts, and generate greater customer loyalty.

Bayer Audits

Under the Bayer Network program company provides professional guidance to Bayer  Pest Control experts to further improve their work efficiency and professionalism through an exclusive report generated by a reputed external audit company at least once a year.

Bayer Products for Pest Control In India

There are numerous formulations of Pesticides/Insecticides that are available in the market for the use of Pest Control Companies. But when it comes to selecting the right pesticide for Domestic or commercial use, Pest control companies consider different aspects of a formulation. This includes product’s effectiveness against target pest, It’s user friendliness, the safety aspects to humans , pets and other non-target living organisms like bees, fish, pollinators etc., AND last but not the least the fineness or the quality of the formulation. 150 years of market presence and with decades of experience in Research and Development, Bayer plays a significant role by introducing a wide range of Pest control products in India. These products are designed in such a manner that they are effective to the target pest but least toxic to environment under Indian climatic and biological conditions.

List of Bayer’s Pest Control Products available in India

A  range of variety products are available in Indian Market by Bayer to address the varied customer needs and ensure a long lasting protection from various insect pests.

Vector Control Range of Products

  • Baytex 1000- For Mosquito larvae control
  •  Baytex Granules- for Mosquito and flies larvae control
  • Bi-Larv 25 WP- For Larvae control.
  • Solfac 10 WP- For Control of Adult mosquitoes, flies and other household pests.
  • Kingfog 1.25 ULV- For control of flying insects with fogging or Fumigation technique.

Product Range for Professional Pest Control

  • Cockroach Gel- For control of cockroaches
  • Maxforce Gel-For cockroach control
  • Responsar 2.45 SC- For cockroach, mosquito and flies control.
  • Solfac 050EW- For control of cockroaches, Ants, and Hose flies.
  • K-Othrine 2.5 SC- For control of roaches and other domestic and commercial pests
  •  K-Obiol 2.5 WP- For control of Stored Grain Pests in Godowns , stores and warehouses.
  • Imidacloprid 30.5% S.C- For control of Termites and borers.

Bayer Pest Control Cost

Though the cost of Bayer Pest control products is marginally higher when compared with other company’s products OR locally available pesticides. But when calculated on the basis of diluation concentration and rate of application (per sq. mtr. basis) , it proves to be really cost effective. Therefore if you order us undertaking Pest control treatment of your property using Bayer products, you  end up paying much lesser Price than the other local pesticide applications. The other major advantage of Bayer products is it’s  odourless property. They don’t leave that annoying smell unlike traditional pest control chemicals.

Capital Pest Control (India) is one company which provides Pest Control Services using Bayer products in entire Delhi, NCR area including Gurgaon and Noida. We use Bayer Pest Control chemicals which include  pesticides to manage Dengue vectors, Cockroaches, Rat/Rodents, Termites, Wood Borers, Black/Red Ants  and other household crawling pests. We strongly believe that to wholly understand and appreciate the Pest problems that the homeowners face, we need to see them through their eyes. We are inspired by the policies of Bayer which motivates us spending time with our customers and allow us to see the challenges they face. It provides sufficient food for thought to our Pest control operations team and enable us to find a real time solution to  the pest problems that our clients face . We are convinced that efficient  pest control and increased hygiene levels, raising standards, will benefit our reputation among our customers in India . We are committed to raise the value of private and commercial property as well as public places.

With the use of Bayer Pest Control products comes the assurance of quality , safety and environmental responsibility. When you hire CPC(I) for Pest control services , it is backed by the commitment of Bayer Environmental Science (BES) to constantly  deliver superb quality  products for the eradication  of  pests of public health concern. Call us today at 9810087539 or visit us at for professional services with Bayer products.

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