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About us

Capital Pest Control (India) since it’s inception in 1989  has been dedicated to provide exceptional services in the domain of Pest Management. Our Principles are that all work done will be with integrity, honesty and effectiveness. We have assisted lakhs of our customers within Delhi NCR and Northern parts of India with regards to pest related problems for their homes and businesses. Since being established in 1989, Capital Pest Control (India) has gone from strength to strength building on our reputation for providing a reliable and professional service as well as excellent customer care. We are fully focused on learning and developing new methods of pest control to stay at the very front of our field.
We constantly research changes in pest behavior, habitats and changes in dietary sources. We are very environmentally aware and take great care to avoid non-target species and use non-toxic methods to reduce the environmental impact of work. We have many benefits for you our customers as we pride ourselves on integrity and business ethics, constantly striving to be the best we can. We’ve never stopped learning and adapting to the ever changing world of pest control and health and safety. This commitment to constant training is at the heart of everything we do. We like to think our clients keep coming back to us because they know we have the expertise to handle their needs.

Over the years we have grown, but we still operate with the same core values and commitment to excellence that we started with. These core values are summed up in five immutable principles that guide our business and our relationships with customers and with Our employees:


1. Integrity: To possess high personal moral standards, be honest and trustworthy     and show pride and sincerity in all that we do.

2. Respect: To promote dignity, fairness, consideration and equal opportunity and to recognize and appreciate everyone for the role they play in our company.

3. Teamwork: To work together willingly toward our common goals and shared  vision, building upon each of our strengths while promoting trust and confidence in each other.

4. Commitment: To be dedicated in words and actions to do the best we are capable of doing.

5. Service: Providing the highest level of professional and excellent service to every single customer, regardless of how small or large.

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Our vision

Our vision is to be the vanguard of individuals and society by providing exemplary ethics, technical competence and knowhow. We also seek to provide high end quality and customized solutions to the ever changing needs of the customers for ultimate satisfaction in all the areas of our performance. To prevent, as far as practicable, the introduction of pests onto the client’s premises, while eliminating and controlling current infestations and to reduce the conditions that may encourage their presence.

Our Network

We have assisted thousand of our customers within Delhi/NCR and northern Indian region with regards to Pest related problems for their homes and businesses. However we are aiming at spreading our efficient services across all over India very shortly. By doing this we would ensure that all the pest related problems faced by the people are tacked timely and effectively by us.


Competitive costs Quality, reliable, efficient and effective services. Fast and responsive to client’s need. We have a deliberate policy of building a long term value added relationship with our clients. We ensure that we: 

  • Understand our clients, their businesses and vision. 
  • Work with the client in reviewing and improving their processes to ensure we are able to achieve our mutual objectives. 
  • Our organization ensure that we nimble and responsive to our clients needs and aspirations. 
  • We have chosen to specialize on our core competencies in Compressive Cleaning Services, Fumigation and pests control services.
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About us

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Pests that are found in your area will almost always try to invade your home. Our Quarterly Pest Control Plan won’t just get them out. It will help keep them out for long.

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